Weber Carburetor Kit for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60 w/ Factory Air Cleaner Carb



By popular demand, JTO Weber Carb Kit for Land Cruisers WITH the factory air cleaner.  We take brand new Weber Carb and combine it with our JTO One-piece manifold adapter and top it off with an air cleaner adapter.

There are several benefits, one is using the stock air cleaner.  This means you use the larger stock air filter and retain a stock look.  This may be important in smog conscious inspections although they are not smog or CARB certified.  Many people believe that using the stock air cleaner will pull in better performing cooler air as well.  In addition, we combine it with our billet one piece aluminum manifold
adapter.  This give you more performance, and adjusts your Weber to the correct height to meet your air cleaner assembly.  Plus, one piece ends the leaking nightmare that often happens with the two piece sandwich style adapters.  Overall height of this unit is right around 7 1/4″.

We have this Weber Kit on several configurations to suit your Land Cruiser.  We have it in the 32/36 DGV Progressive (Manual Choke), 32/36 DGV Progressive (Electric Choke), 38/38 DGES Synchronous (Electric Choke).  A progressive mean the first barrel opens up half way then the secondary opens, better mileage.  A synchronous means both barrels open equally at all times, better power.

This is a REAL NEW
Weber Carb, not an imposter, rebuilt or knock-off!


Notice, once carburetor kits are opened or installed, they are not eligible for return.

Install instructions


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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in
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