Weber 38/38 Carburetor Tune Up Air Filter Cleaner & Rebuild Kit DGES


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Tune Up you Weber.  New High flow air cleaner assembley and Rebuild Kit for your 38/38 DGES, DGAS.

The filter bolts to the top of your 32/36 DGV, DGEV, DGAV; 38/38 DGES or DGAS. An easy way to tell if it will fit is make sure your carb has a ractangular top (others have oval). Chrome plated top and bottom plate, with clips. Comes with 2″ cotton gauze style washable filter. This is an excellent way to restore the performance to your Weber.

The rebuild kit will spike your performance and restore it to it’s original potential. Extremely easy to perform and understand. This is a genuine Weber rebuild kit for a 38/38 DGAV DGAS.  Repair kit includes gaskets, Accelerator pump, assorted o-rings, and washers. Comes with carb schematic for parts identification and easy repair.


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