Timing Belt Kit for Acura 3.2TL 3.2 TLS 00-03 V6 Water Pump


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Timing Belt Kit Acura 3.2TL  & 3.2 TLS 2000-2003, V6.  New quality parts to change the timing belt on your Subaru.  This is a complete kit for a job you don’t want to do twice.

Includes the following:

Part Part Number qty
timing belt TB 286B 1
water pump with gasket 19200-P8A-A02 1
thermostat 33877 1
thermostat gasket 19305 PR7 A00 1
timing belt tension adjuster 14520 P8E A01 1
timing belt tensioner 14510 P8A A01A 1
timing belt idler 14550 PGE A01 1
Power Steering drive belt 4 PK 1110 1
Alternator & A/C drive belt 6 PK 1175 1
front crankshaft seal 91212 P8A A01 1
two front camshaft seals 91213 P8A A01 2



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