Power Steering Coupler (Rag Joint) Adapter for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40


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Wanna take all the work out of installing power steering on an early FJ40? We did too. With early FJ40’s the steering box and column are one piece. This was changed in 73 due to safety regulations (ie two piece collapsible column). The mini truck power steering is undoubtedly the easiest to install on any FJ40. This requires that you install a rag joint steering coupler to install. This allows splines that mate to the mini truck power steering box. To make this end you would need to fabricate a plate, and weld it straight on the end. So many times, you have no pattern or metal to fab from, so we made the end you need. You simply cut your column at desired length, slide this adapter on and weld it in place. It is hollow in the center so you column fits through it. This is good for two reasons, insures accurate geometry, and allows welding in two locations (both ends of the column) instead of one for greater strength. This part is CNC turned and milled for accuracy and quality. This will make you early model power steering install even simpler. You will need to buy a rag joint steering coupler in addition to this unit to complete the joint.


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