Saginaw Power Steering Pump Mount Land Cruiser 1F & 2F


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P/S Pump Mount for your Land Cruiser. This bracket attaches to the front two head bolts of your 2F or 1F. Allows use of smog pump, if desired. Will not work with 1F original air cleaner assembly (think Weber). This bracket is adjustable.

Uses 70 and 80’s GM Saginaw P/S pump. Does not come with pump.

1F users may have interference with alternator, in our experience.  What we generally do is adjust the pump out and then use a Chevy alternator bracket, as it is curved which will allow the alternator more room outboard.  The combination of these two usually provides clearance,

Late 2F users can use this mount in place of the factory P/S pump.  It is tighter fit because of the factory tubing on top of the head.  After that you are no longer depending on the smog pump for adjustment.


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