Powertrax Lockright 1620 Locker for Toyota Pickup Truck V6 / TURBO Locking Diff


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Powertrax 1620-LR Lock-Right locker for the Toyota Pickup and Toyota
Hilux 8″ axle (with any gear ratio and 30-spline shafts and turbo/V6
engines) is easily installed in existing case assemblies without any
special tools or setup equipment. The Lock-Right locker has been
extensively used in extreme off-road applications around the world
demanding 100% traction output and high-strength. The Lock-Right locker
eliminates wheel spin-up and therefore all associated driveline stress
is eliminated, which in effect strengthens the differential case and
other driveline components. Cases that are prone to failure with open or
limited-slip differentials become one of the strongest links in the
drive train when equipped with a Powertrax Lock-Right locker.

Powertrax 1620-LR is for use on Toyota Pickup 8″ axles with any gear ratio with 30-spline shafts.
This axle is most common in the following vehicles:

  • FITS 1985-94 Toyota Pickup (Hilux), rear w/ 4-cylinder turbo or V6 engine

Advantages of a Lock-Right locker

  • Positive Gear Action: No friction plates are used so there’s nothing to wear out.
  • Automatic Operation: No need to engage or disengage the Lock-Right unit and it automatically operates in forward or reverse.
  • Strong and Durable: Locks tight for use in the toughest situations.
  • Easy Installation: Requires minimal tools and time for installation. You can install it at home.
  • No Special Fluids: No special lubricants or adjustments required to operate the unit.


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