Power Steering Kit for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45 for Mini Truck Box


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FJ40 Power Steering Kit – This is the kit to install power steering on your 73 up FJ40 or FJ45.

This is a new addition to our line, this is a value minded kit.  We include all the major components except the boxYou supply the steering box.  The steering box is a 79-85 Toyota 4wd Pickup or 4 Runner, (available at Junkyards)

This is an easy and simple kit to install.  Usually takes about 4 hours.

If you have a pre-73 one piece steering column you will need the rag joint adapter and rag joint in addition to this kit.  We do suggest a power steering cooler to greatly extend the life of the components and make the system virtually maintenance free.

The kit includes:

  • Gearbox Mount
  • PS Pump Mount
  • Pump
  • Pulley
  • Cap
  • Pressure Line
  • Instructions

* This kit is for 1F and 2F powered Land Cruisers

Now, for Question & Answer for this kit:

  • Will this kit work on a 72 and down FJ40/45?   Yes, but it does require attaching a rag joint (steering coupler) to your one piece factory column..  This is not difficult but will require one weld and therefore is not entirely bolt on.  We can supply a rag joint adapter at an extra cost.
  • Where does the pump attach?  It bolts to the two front head bolts.  This is the stock location for FJ40’s that had power steering.  On earlier (74 down) models the factory air cleaner will need relocated, or use an aftermarket air filter.
  • The pulley is narrow grove, will this work?  Yes, although your factory belts are wider.  It is not correct to run a wide belt on a narrow pulley, but you can run a narrow belt on a wide pulley.  We have one rig that has run this setup for over 8 years with no extra wear.  Custom making a wide pulley would add great cost with little advantage.
  • How do I remove the old box and bracket?  The box unbolts but the bracket is riveted on.  You will grind the head of the rivets off and then either punch them out or drill them.  It is fairly simple.
  • Will this kit work with 35’s?  Yes, our trail truck has 35×14.50 Super Swamper Boggers and has no problems.
  • Why not use a Saginaw steering box and eliminate the linkages?  Well, you could BUT if you have steering problems then power steering is not the answer.  Adding things like power steering and shackle reversals to help a steering problem is like putting a band aid on a gunshot wound.  These Cruisers left the loft when they were new steering straight and true.  There is absolutely NO reason why they can’t again.  Saginaw is not a terrible kit, but we think Saginaw steering feels like your hands are on Novocain.  Plus, Saginaw is a BUNCH of work, you must cut your frame, weld, align, make parts, etc.
  • Can I run this kit with a V-8?  Yes, you can if your engine is installed correctly.  Our trail rig is a V-8 and runs this steering.  The box is fairly close to the manifold, but nothing harmful.  It also depends on the location of you V-8, if you have installed it more to the left, then sure it is going to be tight.  The general rule is if your manual steering fits, then this will fit.  This kit will not work in conjunction with over the frame headers (the big spider looking ones).  The pump mount will be different.
  • Can I use a Toyota 2wd Box?  No, this kit only uses 79-85 4wd Pickup and 4 Runner Steering Boxes.
  • Do I use the Toyota pickup power steering pump?  You can but we use the Saginaw because of three reasons:  Price, Pressure and Longevity.   Our bracket uses a common pump, easily replaceable, it has higher pressure, and provides more flow.  In general, this pump will easily outlast a Toyota pump.
  • How do you install it?  Here are the basic steps (actual instructions are much more detailed)  Early Model FJ-40 are a little more difficult.  The steering column is slightly different.  There are two suggestions, either replace with a later column or you can cut and reweld a later model rag joint on the end of the column.
    1. Remove steering column, the drag link, then old steering box.  Grind or drill rivets out of the existing frame bracket and remove.
    2. Bolt on our new bracket, the pedestal is not drilled for the new box, we leave this for the installer to do for a sure fit.
    3. Mount new power steering box (this is from a 79 – 85 Toyota 4wd Pickup), reinstall trailing arm.
    4. Mount power steering pump with two bolts.
    5. Hook up and bleed lines
    6. You’re Done!  This install is easy, it takes us about 2 – 3 hours.  We suggest taking the front drivers side fender off, it makes things 1 billion times easier to get to.  It should take most people about a half day to do.  We do suggest getting the steering realigned as well.

This kit will not work with the stock 1f air cleaner box because it interferes with the pump mount. We do have an air cleaner that will work (part number: JTO1FAIRCLEANER), but most aftermarket ones will work with our kit.


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