New Radiator Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 Wagon 81-87 2F


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Not cooling like you once did?  We have the answer, these are direct fit replacement
radiators.  This all metal is a heavy duty all metal radiator for maximum cooling.  We have had outstanding results with this radiator, even with V-8’s.  This will definitely keep your Land Cruiser cool.  This radiator fits the factory support perfectly and has a very nice finish. This radiator will fit all FJ60’s 81-87.  This radiator is in the stock configuration and size as the OE radiator.  This radiator installs easily and fits in your stock radiator support.  Don’t be fooled by other ill fitting radiators.  We have used and installed this radiator in our own FJ60 and it fits.

Foot Note:  We have worked on enough Land Cruisers to know, if you are having cooling issues dealing with conversions, this is not nor is any radiator the “silver bullet”  to cure all your ills.  Often aluminum radiators will help but often there are many other issues.  Water pump, coolant, fan, and even engine placement will
contribute to the cooling of your Chevota.


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