Knuckle Bearing Rebuild Kit for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ55 76-79


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New Knuckle Bearing & Seal Kit for your Straight Axle Toyota Pickup Truck or Land Cruiser FJ40, FJ45, or FJ55.  This kit fits 09/75-01/79 Land Cruisers.  This is a complete knuckle kit for both side.  We sell hundreds of these and have rebuilt numerous sets of knuckle.  We know what you need to do the job right, this is the kit!


Often loose steering and leaking is caused by worn out knuckles.  Toyota used an enclosed CV joint in the front axle.  This kit is commonly referred to as a knuckle
rebuild kit.  This kit contains all the bearing and seals to rebuild your knuckles on BOTH sides.  There are several reasons you may need to rebuild your knuckles.  Often the inner seal begins to leak which cause the differential oil to mix with the knuckle grease.  This makes a soupy mess and often leaks on the back side of the tire.  Another reason the knuckles are loose is the knuckle bearings (sometimes referred to as the king pin bearings).  Bigger tires, miles, steering wear them out.  They can be checked by jacking the vehicle and rocking the tire with your hand on the 12 and 6 o’clock position if it moves excessively they need rebuild.  As a general rule, if your knuckles have not been rebuilt, they need to be.

Drum Axle Knuckle Bearing Rebuild Kit Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45 FJ55-11021


  • Knuckle Bearings must be replaced with the races as well as the bearing.
  • Remember how you disassemble your knuckles, often the same shims in the same location will provide the correct preload on knuckle bearings.  You may or may not use all the shims.
  • We NEVER replace the inner c-clips in the front axle. It was there for assembly purposes.
  • Knuckle arms and hubs use cone washers to keep them tightly on the studs.  A hammer whack to the side generally makes them pop up and then you can pull them out.
  • If you are doing a mini truck disc conversion on your Land Cruiser you will need this kit.
Kit # Description
SBKL3 Disc Front End Knuckle Overhaul Kit contains 4 knuckle bearings, shim and gasket set, inner axle seal, hub seal, and star washer. DOES BOTH SIDES fits 76-90 Land Cruisers and all straight axle Toyota Pickups

This kit does not contain wheel bearings (but does include knuckle bearings), it is suggested that you replace them at the same time.



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