BDO HD Drag Link Steering Tie Rod for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45


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The Drag Link goes from the passenger side steering knucle to the center arm. The length is 30 inches plus 2 half inch Jam nuts.

The Big Daddy OffRoad FJ40 Drag Link is the ultimate. The absolute strongest unit available on the market. If you are tired of bending yours or just appalled at the cost of a new stock replacement (double the costs) then this is a steering upgrade you need. This solid unit is 1.25″ in diameter, the stock is hollow and is less than an inch.

BDOR started out trying DOM tube, then decided to go to a stronger solid stock, and drill and tap. No seem to break, period. This means you have a trouble free installation and superior strength. Combined with jam nuts for a strong sure installation, a slotted tie rod is compromised, it makes for a weaker joint. Tie rods are milled with wrench flats, so they can be torqued with all of your strength.

This tie rod weighs in at a meaty 13 lbs. Impressive looking and impressive strength.  If you are considering a high steer or redoing your steering to protect the tie rod, you should consider this unit. If you are just looking to replace your stock bent unit, you should consider this rod. Durable powder coating finish will make it look as great as it works. Ends sold seperately. This drag link fits all FJ40 and FJ45’s with stock steering from knuckle arm on the passenger side to the bell crank in the corner of the frame.


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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 3 × 3 in