Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit for Toyota Land Cruiser 75+ NonUSA FJ40 FJ43 FJ45


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Can’t stop your Land Cruiser? Tired of adjusting to keep them stopping straight? Outraged at the high price of drum brake parts? So were we, so we came up with JT Outfitter’s front disc brake conversion kit. If you have a Non-USA Land Cruiser, they were often equipped with front disc brakes.  These brakes are hard to maintian, often stop poorly and are difficult to find parts.  Our disc brake kit easily fits on the front of your Land Cruiser.  This conversion kit will allow you to remove and replace your old, inadequate drum brake set with a superior disc brake set.

There are several ways to convert your axle to disc brakes, but we think this is the simplest and least expensive.  Popular ways include swapping another axle in (flanges rarely match and you still have worn used components) or  Mini-Truck / FJ60 Swap (hours of labor, trip to the machine shop for the knuckle arms or shimming, grinding considerable amount of metal off your axle housing, diving into the birfield, tie rod end incompatibility, and still worn used components.  You can always stick with drums, $70 per wheel cylinder (the good ones from Toyota, not the Taiwan leakers), $100 per drum, shoes, springs, lines, and more.  This will add up to about $600 to do right and you still have drums.

This is a complete kit to convert from your current drum brake system.  You get the powder coated backing plates, vented rotors, loaded calipers, hoses, and all the hardware.  One great idea was keeping this kit simple.  We used the same components as the common rear disc brake conversion.  This means simple inexpensive maintenance, trail spares are kept at a minimum, and anywhere anytime availability.  The magic is our bracket.  This represents much design and test work, and finally after several runs we are able to offer a strong, powdercoated, CNC laser-cut, caliper bracket that bolts to your existing knuckle house at the spindle. There is nothing in this kit besides our bracket that connot be replaced at your local auto parts store. We have sold literally hundreds of these kits with many happy customers.

This kit fits with most wheels, although it is impossible to tell for all of them.  We have not encountered a problem with any aftermarket wheels.  Will not fit drum brake hubcap stock wheels, but we have sold literally hundreds of kits.  There are two kinds of wheels, rivets wheels and welded wheels, it fits welded wheels, not riveted ones.  We grind each set of calipers before we send them out.  Occasionally, we may not grind enough off.  For the vast majority of occasions that will aleve any fitting issues.  The tab on the round part of the caliper needs to be ground flush as does one side of the opening where the hose hooks up.  You will see where we have ground them.  If it needs more then you can do this easily with a hand grinder.  You will have to grind the outer diameter of your wheel hub.  This is fairly easy to do with a hand grinder, it has a rounded edge that needs to be flat.  This allows it to fit inside the rotor.

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Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 12 in
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