A Trac Traction Control Switch Toyota FJ Cruiser 4wd


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Want traction control on your new FJ
Cruiser? This is what you need. Toyota charged $2600 for this as
Upgrade package. You have all of the mechanisms and harness in your
vehicle for the traction control except the switch. All FJ Cruisers
came down the same line, if they had the upgrade package, they
installed this switch and it gives them traction control. This switch
is easy and simple to install. Simply remove the cover and the wiring
is there. This is a must have for any of us without traction control.
This allows the driver to turn on traction control which tells the
vehicle to brake the wheels that are spinning and send torque to those
that are not.  We put one in our FJ Cruiser and it works great!

This switch only works on
4wd models with Locking


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