4 spd transmission to 3 spd Transfer Case Gear Adapter Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40


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Want lower gearing?  Want to keep it Toyota?  Want to do it simply?  This is the kit you need.  By putting a 3 spd case on a 4 speed transmission you can get a lower low range and not affect stock highway gears.

This is the conversion kit to attach an early 3 spd case to a 75-80 Land Cruiser transmission.  This is a simple, but very effective conversion to make a lower low range.  This unit will NOT affect high gear, but will make a difference in Low Range.  The low range of your stock 76-80 4 spd transfer case is 1.992:1, whereas the stock 3 spd case low range is 2.313:1.  The difference comes from the fact that the 4 spd first gear is 3.555:1 ratio and the 3 speed is 2.757:1 ratio.

With this kit you can adapt a 16 spline 4 speed Land Cruiser transmission (74-80) to a pre-9/73 Land Cruiser transfer case.

This kit includes a Conversion Gear, Tranny/Tcase Seal, and Bearing.  You will reuse the spacer on your input shaft in your transfer case, which most have.  This orients the gear and puts it in the right alignment.  If you do not have one or you have a PTO gear, then you will need to buy or make a spacer.

Kit contains

36212-60030 – Conversion Gear
43215-H5000 – Bearing
90311-45001 – Seal


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