38 Weber Carburetor Kit 20R Celica


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BRAND NEW 38mm Synchronous Outlaw Weber Carb Kit for a Toyota
Carburetor kit comes with linkage kit, manifold
adapter, air cleaner, carb, and instructions.

You’ve heard from everybody, but now you can find out for yourself,
it is amazing at what this carb will do for your 20 or 22R.  As an
example, we recently bought an 84 4×4 Toyota Truck.  When we
bought it it was stock with 235/75 r 15’s on it.  We replaced the
timing chain, performed a tune up, install a header and free flow
exhaust.  With 235’s we could spin easily through the first 3
gears.  We installed 32×11.50’s and there was a noticeable gain in
power even from it in stock form.  Places where we had to
downshift with the 235’s we were able to power on through with the

The 38/38 is a synchronous carburetor.  This simply means that
both barrels open up equally at all times.  So, you can go to 390
CFM with the quick dip of the throttle.  The mileage improvement
is not as good as a 32/36 or 34/34 but the power is.  People have
a hard time deciding between the 32/36 and 38/38.  If you want
power go 38/38, if you want mileage go 32/36 or 34/34.  We sell
more Toyota Webers than anyone else, period.  We build all of our
kits in house and even write our own instructions.  We have
installed, tested and run these kits.  Quite simply, this the best
Toyota Weber Carb kit on the Web.  All parts are NEW and unused.
Some people sell remanufactured units, not this one, it is new
factory fresh.  This
carb kit comes with everything you need to literally wake up your
20/22R. Will fit all 20/22R carbureted trucks and Celicas.
K746 shown in pic.

This is a REAL NEW
Weber Carb, not an imposter, rebuilt or knock-off!

All carburetors sales are final, carb kits are non-returnable.


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