Mels Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit for 1F and 2F Distributors


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Tired of changing points, fouling plugs? Tired of hard starts, poor acceleration?  We were working on an old tractor once, trying to get the timing set and had pretty much gave up.  We knew a guy who built distributors for Race Cars.  Here in North Carolina, racing is a big thing whether it be a circle track car all the way up to Nascar and this guy builds all the ignitions. We asked Mel to fix our tractor.  Sure enough, he had it running quickly. So, the next question was, how about my Land Cruiser?  He said,”let me look at it and I’ll figure it out.”  We asked about Mallory, MSD, Jacobs and all the other names.  He told us, “Friend, your just wasting money.  With this kit you are able to take full advantage of your coil and that makes the hot spark.  That’s it, there isn’t any magic, either you have it or you don’t.”

Once, we used this kit and actually gained 3 mpg along with a “seat of the pants”performance increase.  Starting is the most noticeable improvement. Mel’s kit is a no modification, true 15 minute installation, stock appearing way to get electronic ignition in your ’77 down distributor. Mel’s Kits are a JT Outfitters exclusive that is tested, proven, and guaranteed to 15,000 RPM.

This kit is Year Specific, you must know year of the Land Cruiser distributor.  This kit fits in stock distributors. Make Sure that you distributor is stock.  The Mel’s kit replaces the point, the best indication is what you buy points for. This is one of our HOTTEST products, we have tested, checked and insured that these work.  There are no returns on an electronic part, except those meeting warranty requirements.



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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
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1F, 2F