Tube Bumper with winch mount and guards

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All tube bumpers are built to order. Our tube bumpers are undoubtedly the strongest and high quality on themarket.  Bumpers are powdercoated for long lasting good looks. All bumpers are truck shipped, which is cheaper when going to a businessaddress.  Since these bumpers are made to order, they are not returnable.

The bumper shown here is base bumper. It is a front double 3" tube bumper with 3" Grill Loop and costs $499, then you can add the options you want.


W/BRUSHG 1.25" Standard Flat "Combo" Brush Guards addedto bumper
W/BRUSHGATOR      2" Standard Flat "Combo" Brush Guards added tobumper
W/WRAPG Wrap-Around Brush Guards added to bumper
W/WIRES Horizontal 3/16" Wire Grid in Combo Guard BrushHoops
W/WINCHPB Low-profile WARN style winch plate added to bumper 
W/BTFLY 1/4" steel "butterfly" light duty hitch ball mount
W/JAM No Gap between double bumper tubes
W/REC 2" reciever tube hitch with bracing
W/SDW 1 1/2" wide strap fills gap between double bumper+ top plate         
W/SPOILER Spoiler drop loop added to bottom of bumper
W/TRIPLE Front triple 3" tube bumper styling
LT Additional auxillary light mounts added - Each
We can make this bumper for the ANY year Land Cruiser or Toyota Truck.
 We will need to know year and model for order.

You must call this bumper in as it is a custom build.  It will take 2-3 weeks to build and is NOT returnable.
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