Rear Disc Brake Kit for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45 FJ55 e-80 SF


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This is the conversion needed to convert your rear drums to disc brakes using affordable mid eighties Monte Carlo Calipers. This is a MAJOR upgrade to any Cruiser pre 8/80. We run them on our trail trucks to slow down those big meats. This is an easy upgrade. This is ultimate in stopping power. This conversion was designed for use on an 8/80 to 7/70 FJ40 or 55 (may work on early years but brake line fittings are different and you may need a dual circuit hydraulic system). This kits is less expensive than repairing your factory drum brake setup. This is a complete kit with everything you need to bolt on.

Rear Disc Brake Kit includes:

2 Rotors
2 Calipers
2 Conversion Brake Hoses
2 Backing Plates
4 Backing Plate Spacers
8 Backing Plate Bolts
8 Backing Plate Lock Washers
8 Backing Plate Nuts
4 Caliper Pins
4 Brake Pads
This kit was designed and sold for Off-Road Use Only.

Rear Disc Brake Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need a proportioning valve? Maybe, there is no clear cut answer here because of tire size, vehicle weight, brake master, etc. We do suggest removing the residual valve and test. If you have premature rear lock up, then a proportioning valve may be the cure.

Do I have to remove the axle shafts? Yes and no. If you are very crafty with a saw or torch then you may be able to cut the backing plate off without damaging the axle housing or seal. Otherwise you simply remove the rear inspection cover, take out the spider gears and clips. The axle will slide out then.

What position are the calipers? Installers choice. Because of different spring configurations, we have seen various position people have located the caliper. As long as you have ample room to attach the brake line and the bleeder is up, you are fine.

Where do the spacers go? In between the axle housing flange and the backing plate. This insures proper alignment of the caliper.

What kind of parts are these? They are re-manufactured loaded GM calipers, and milled GM truck rotors. The backing plate and lines are custom made.

I want to keep my Land Cruiser all Toyota, can I use Toyota calipers? No, while everyone sees the advantage to Toyota parts, their drum brake system is moderate at best. This set up has stopped thousands of GM cars and trucks.

Can I use this on a full floating axle? No, these brackets are designed for a semi-floating axle. That is what all FJ40’s sold in America had.

Can I use my wheels? The vast majority will fit without any problems. Rarely, some thick walled aluminum rims may get close.


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