Black Magic Electric Fan

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Black Magic Electric Fans All Black Magic fans include an adjustable thermostat and a/c relay. An optional manual override switch may also be ordered for water crossings and/or mud racing.  Restores horsepower by replacing the stock fan, where applicable. Extends water pump life and increases gas mileage.

Black Magic S-Blade; Electric; 3000 Cubic Feet Per Minute; 15 Inch Diameter Fan/ 16 Inch Length x 18 Inch Height x 14-1/4 Inch Depth Housing; 8 Blade; Puller; With Plastic Shroud; Adjustable Thermostat/Air Conditioning Relay Manual Switch Connection

Allows greater control of fan operation; e.g. long idles, etc. Features: Strongest 15" electric fan available Provides constant cooling, regardless of engine RPM One piece, lightweight nylon shroud Rigid bracket mounting system, no thru core mounting High torque, high RPM electric motor Built in control box with adjustable thermostat, A/C relay and manual switch connection Installation instructions with wiring diagrams in English, French & Spanish

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