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POWER PACK Header Weber Carb Coil Wires for Toyota PickUp Truck 4Runner 22R
POWER PACK Header Weber Carb Coil Wires for Toyota PickUp Truck 4Runner 22R
Differences In FJ40
All FJ-40's look basically the same to the average observer, but there are major differences in years models.  I would like to point these out, to inform you of what is what.  This is all from my head, so I can't be 100% sure, but I  believe I am fairly accurate.  I'll try to lay them out by features and  years or group of years available.

First the predecessor to the FJ-40 was the FJ-25.  It was Toyota's interpretation of the old flat fender Jeeps.  I know Cruiser guys hate to admit it, but it is true.  They were built until the early 60's.  Then come the FJ-40's.
F Engine - 3878 cc's with 120 hp and 200 ft/lbs of torque.  These engines are best spotted by the metal valve cover gasket, side-of-block oil filler neck.  These engines were in FJ-40's until '74.
2F Engine - 4230 cc's with 135 hp and 210 ft/lbs of torque.  Easily spotted by the aluminum valve cover.  These engines appeared in '75 and went through the rest of the FJ-40 series.

3 speed transmission - through midyear of '74,  it was column shift in the early years, mainly before '72 allot have been converted over to floor shifters/

4 speed transmission - from late '74 up.  If it is a '75 or later it should have a 4 speed transmission

Smog Pump - This item starting being put on engines in late '72 and are still on Cruisers

Catalytic Converter - LandCruiser added it in the '79 year model

Drum Brakes - First baking system of the FJ-40's and went through the '75 year model.  They feature twin pistons which cause the trickiness in adjusting.

Disc Brakes - This was the biggest difference Toyota made in '76.  They were added to the front axle only and continued on.

PTO winch - I have only seen a PTO winch on 3 spd Cruisers which would hold them to the '74 year model.  Some claim to have them stock on there '75's.

Electric Winch - These were the replacement to the PTO winch, I believe and they appear to be Warn 8274 Models.

Air Conditioning - From '79 up as a factory option.  The factory unit is easiest to recognize by its ND symbol.  They also have a three groove crank pulley.

Power Steering - From '79 up as a factory option.  The steering columns on a P/S truck and non P/S truck are different by 1 1/8".

Radio - Appearing in the '74 year model, although only AM and located just above the heater box.

Spare Tire Carrier - '75 was the last year of this rattler, next was the tube carrier.

Round Taillights - Large round taillights until the 1973 FJ-40.

Square Taillights - '76 until the last FJ-40.

Round headlight Bezel - '78 down

Squared Headlight Bezel - '79 up

Hardtop Vent Windows - 1977 was the first year these appeared, the fold out for better ventilation.

Flip-up and Out Rear Doors - This three door combo went through 1974.

Rear Ambulance Doors - '75 up Cruiser had these on them.  They must be removed before the top comes off.

Cowl Vent - Allowed fresh air from outside at cowl inside, but prone to leaking, They discontinued using it after the '77 year model.

Bucket Seats - Added in '73, before there was a 40/60 bench.

Ox Blood Interior - The first FJ-40's featured this color.

Black Interior - In '68 Toyota went to this color.

Gray Interior - Only '79 ups have the darker gray interior.

Floor Mounted Emergency Brake - '79 up have the lever in the floor, before they were to the right of the steering wheel under the dash.

Steering Wheel - Round center on all before '81, then they went to a shield design.

Wheels - Steel with hubcaps before '81 after they used rounded steel white spoke wheels.

Roll Bar - I think they were added in '73.

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