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Greaseable Hanger Spring Pin for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 e-8/80
Greaseable Hanger Spring Pin for Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 e-8/80
FJ40 Land Cruiser Hardtop Removal
There are a handful of bolts to remove. First, you want to start with the cap bolts in front. These are 10mm. Use an open end wrench as it will be difficult to get a socket in there. There are two L brackets inside. Sit in the seat and look beside each visor. They are attached with two Phillips Head Screws. Remove them, 4 total. While in there, you will notice on '75 up models there is an interior light, they are quick connected in. Unconnect them at the front drivers side (right beside the L Bracket). Next, you will need to remove the back doors on 75 up models. The are 2 hinges on each door with 4 screws in each hinge. These screw often strip out. No prob, use a set of Vise Grips and that'll start them. We have replacements. Now, you are ready to remove the ones inside. You will see them along the bottom of the hardtop where it meets the tub. Take your time here, these snap off easily. This is the most aggravating part. There are about a dozen. At the front of each side panel there is a post that extends into the body. There is a set screw that reatin tension. You will probably need to loosen it. The door are ready to come off. They are held on by two pins, and a retaining arm on the inside. The pins come out best by tapping them with a punch and hammer. The retaining arms are held to the door by a bolt. Remove it being careful to save the nylon washers. At this point, you are ready to lift the cap off. It isn't light, and generally requires two to make the job easier. Lift it approximately a foot to get the top post out of its slot and carry it towards the back of the vehicle. You will probably need to raise it a bit to clear the spare tire. Make sure to save all gaskets and bolts. They are generally reuseable. There should be 2 gasket on each side of the hardtop and one along the wind shield top. A total of 5 rubber gaskets. Store your hardtop inside, or your headliner may fall out due to temperature and humidity changes.


You or your passengers can easily be thrown from the vehicle.
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